“State Of The World” “The Way Out” Part 1 “What’s The Next Big Surprise?”

Well, you have heard about the supernatural dramatic devastation of the Pharaoh and his army with the war between God (THE LORD) JAH (the name of the redeemer) and the gods of Egypt? Those who were enslaved (Hebrews) had been desiring to be redeemed from their slave status for more than 400 years. The appointed deliverer, Moses, was slated to carry out the “exodus-the way out.” This record is recorded in the Old Testament–the book of “Exodus,” the book of Redemption. The Exodus itself is the work of redemption. Many of these words can be related to New Testament as types. As the account ensues, we find Moses knew he was to be the “deliverer,” but he acted too soon (prematurely) on his commission. This is common among persons that they act preciptuously (too soon) expected to be able to run the course before God, but they do not know the long term plan of God, who knows the end from the beginning. Therefore, God knew and Moses did not know that God’s long range plan of “how” this deliverance was to occur–free the Hebrews, and that JAH’s method was to be quite unique. Moses doesn’t gain a sense of security and self confidence until many years later and he has to spend 80 years on the “rough side of the mountain,” so to speak, before he is actually equipped to do the difficult work which God planned for Moses to do. The name of the redeemer is published throughout the book of Exodus. In recollection, we find that Moses asks God, “What is Your Name?” and who shall I tell, or what name shall I tell to the people to identify and offer a “key” to my “license or credential” to do this work? Moses asks Him, “What is your name?” Isn’t that what we ask practically anyone, “What is your name?” God answers him, “I AM THAT (WHO) I AM.” Therefore, tell them, “I AM” sent you. That name is my eternal, perpetual name. “I will be what I will be or what “I will become.” Jesus identifies Himself as “divine deity” in His “I AM” statements— several different “I AM” testimonies in the New Testimony. One of which quite commonly known, “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14.6)” Therefore, the eternal; the same today, yesterday and forever.

Pharaoh doesn’t get the message until Almighty God Jehovah has to break it down to him. As is common with people, men and women of pride, great power and prominence, they don’t get the message until God has to beat them up (so to speak) until they get the message, which is: there is THE GOD who knows and sees all and influences and sets into place the outcomes of this age. The record of Moses interaction with the Pharaoh is noteworthy. God sends, plagues: flies throughout, hail, boils on the Pharaoh’s and people’s bodies (not Hebrews), locusts (next week I will talk more about this devouring insect) and other demonstrable plagues. The last convincing one was the killing of the firstborn of Pharaoh’s people and animals, etc. Pharaoh finally gets the message and surrenders allowing his enslaved captors to go out and worship. He doesn’t give up, however, he chases them across the sea until swallowed up. Here is the question. What is our next big surprise. Now it is COVID-19. What’s next? What do we do? Will I be caught up in it too? Fear Not! Every hair on your head is numbered! If you are obedient, you will not be left alone or deserted. You’re never alone. There is a “way out!”

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