“The Curse!”

“The Curse of Canaan” Quoting The Original African Heritage Study Bible-Cain Hope Felder, Editor, “Most people believe Ham was cursed and, therefore, so we’re all black people of African/Hamitic descent. However, careful study of the Scriptures reveals that the curse was placed upon Canaan (Gen. 9:25), a son of Ham. However, Ham’s other sons, Mizaim, Phut, and Cush, also progenitors of part of Africa, were not cursed. This particular curse [a negative biblical prophecy] justified Abraham’s inheritance of the land of Canaan as his blessing because Shem and his descendants (Gen. 9:28) received the blessing of his father Noah due to this strong desire to be in his father’s image and his love of God. (Gen:24-27).” “The curse of Canaan had nothing to do with the origin of the black race as some have contended. The problem with Canaanites was not in the color of their skin but rather in the condition of their hearts.” [James E. Smith-Pentateuch] Racism originates from greed, quest for power and false sense of superiority; a ‘H-E-A-R-T’ problem. Racism=form of hatred, disdain–is not rooted in love and needs heart surgery. Much of the “curse” controversy surrounds the murkiness of the “curse of Canaan.” “He [Noah] knew what would happen if he imbibed fermented wine!” [Smith] He must have been exhausted with ark building, dealing with those rambunctious folks; stench from the animals and crowded quarters was enough to want to “crash.” “Noah’s drunkenness was inexcusable. The Jewish Study Bible [Tanakh] says “uncovered himself (Gen.9:22) within his tent.

Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father’s nakedness. When Noah woke up from his drunkenness–learned what his youngest son had done, he said, “Cursed be Canaan…” “What was Ham guilty of??” “The identity of the act in question is murky.” [JSB] Some suggest sexual activity. Text is silent. If not stated, don’t imagine! “…[if] saw his father’s nakedness are better taken literally [JSB]… “If so, Ham violated two norms–stressed in the Tanakh and rabbinic Judaism, the ethic of bodily modesty and the norm to honor and respect one’s parents.” [JSB] MacArthur says “There is no reasonable support for the notion that some perverse activity, in addition of seeing nakedness occurred.”] Dake Bible says, “Breaking the law of parental authority.” “… a case of gross disrespect for a parent.” [Smith]. “Temptations” sang “Poppa was a Rolling Stone” “wherever he laid his hat was his home and when he died all he left us was alone?” Here’s my point. Beliefs control our lives. Poppa had a bad reputation. We don’t have to live or die with a bad rap. Stay smart! “Curse the Curse!” We’re not under a curse! CHRIST came…bequeathed us power and authority! Perseverance-Tenacity! Don’t believe the lie!

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