The Deceit of Deception

I said kind words to my dear friend, Senator/Congresswoman Diane Watson, “You deserve the Lifetime Achievement Award three times over! Her reply, “Thanks for the kind words.”

“Who’s the Leader of This World” (my article) 450,000,000 google hits!!

Okay, let’s get on to the subject for this week. “Unknowing to her, he was a sex trafficker!” I guess one might figure how much more can deception be deceived? What happens in deception? What are some of the components of deception. If you don’t know you’re being deceived, maybe you’re not. If you are, that gives you knowledge and guidance into what to do about it. A person, young or older can be deceived with words. You know, I’m big on talking about the “words” we speak and their impact on the lives of others. Suppose you say to someone, “Wow! You really look great today!” But, suppose the person doesn’t really look great. Are you deceiving that person? Probably not, unless you think the person really looked awful and doesn’t believe you. But, say kind words to a person instead of denigrating to damage their image. Someone might say, “I just found out. I’ve been deceived for the last 50 years! (huuum)

Deception is clandestine (sneaky); severs trust; is without compassion. Do you want to know the truth? too devastating…. a great breakdown in the relationship. It’s illusive. You see it, but don’t want to believe it. There’s mass deception; like a hypnotist. Are the people really hypnotized or want to escape reality? Are they deceived; thinking they’re hypnotized? The mind is delicate. A thought travels swiftly! You can think, dissect, analyze a thought. Be watchful, you can deceive yourself and don’t need help. If you listen to yourself, how are you going to move your life and your thoughts upward and forward? You need imagination to see what more you can do and stop being deceived into thinking you can go no further. When you have thoughts and can’t move forward with your thinking; that is you can’t implement those things you’re thinking about and desire to implement, you may be deceiving yourself. Deceit has strategy. It’s a trick, a “state of mind” especially when you remain in it. Sometimes you know you’re being deceived. Deception can be in your face or surreptitiously (behind your back). Either way, it’s deception. Deception “ensnares. It’s done secretly and deliberately misleading; gives a false impression. Appearances can deceive. Deception is betrayal. We are inclined to believe those who we do not know, because the one we do not know has never deceived us.” (Samuel Johnson) Deception implies treachery; delusion, misleading the mind or judgment. “ My mother said (old southern words), “Any two time you think you fooling me, you fooling yourself.” She had insight into false appearances. The government deluded the public about……

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