““The Peeper” Part 1 “Who’s peeping through the peephole!!!??””

Who can peep into what is happening around us? Who’s at fault? Why are these things happening? What’s going on? Is there something I am not understanding, missing or can I learn? As we entertain these questions, stay with me. I want to take you on a journey. Today, consider yourself “a sojourner”. One dwelling in a temporary abode, a stranger in a foreign land. Who is this? Please allow yourself to go with me on this historical journey which dates back to about 1921-1491BC. This period captures when “the promise” made to Abraham and confirmed through his son, Isaac and grandson, Jacob [the Patriarchs]. Let’s consider together this ancient, factual account about Biblical patriarchs. This may help to reveal what is happening and how to respond. It is not exhaustive [not enough time or space to explain every detail.] More particularly, let’s look at Jacob (Israel) and Joseph, the son of his favored wife [Rachel]. Jacob had twelve sons. Benjamin was the youngest. There are pivotal biblical verses (many). But here a few: Genesis 49:7 and Genesis 45:3-8. Jacob meets the Pharaoh. He enters his royal court and blesses him [shows honor to the Pharaoh.] Pharaoh: “How old are you?” [Genesis 47:9: Jacob has just arrived from a long, but happy journey from Canaan.] He and his sons are driven from the land of Canaan because of famine. Joseph had interpreted Pharaoh’s dream which predicted the 7 year famine; now in its second year, the family arrives at Egypt. Jacob responds, “My pilgrimage is one hundred and thirty years [130]. They have been few and hard as compared to the pilgrimage of my father [Isaac, 180 years and grandfather] Abraham [175 years and great grandfather, Terah 205 years].” In the backdrop, Jacob might be rehearsing memories of his life. He responded with heart wrenching perspective, emotional response. What might he have been thinking? *Perhaps some of his past: His parents, Rebekah and Isaac had twins [Jacob and Esau]; a di cult pregnancy. They wrestled in her womb. Jacob, his mother’s favorite, worked more around the house. Esau, father’s (Isaac) favorite, a hunter. Esau profaned his birthright [inherited privileges], sells it [commercialized it] to Jacob spuriously for stew! *Esau accused Jacob of stealing it. Realizing what a fool he was and couldn’t face himself, he blamed it on Jacob. What he didn’t know was that his mother, Rebekah, mediates the plan [like grandmother Sarah did]! Esau was furious, threatens to kill Jacob; but his parents sent him far away to Uncle Laban, who is also tricky. *Over a 20 year period, Jacob spends his life somewhat enslaved under tricky Laban. He steals away his wives and children after a series of deceitful acts…[Part 2 coming].

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