“The Pre-Emminence and Exaltation of Self-Will” Part 1 MaMa! MaMa! Where’s God MaMa! Where’s God? Part 2 of 2

We don’t in fact know if George Floyd was asking “Where’s God?” But, one might assume he was calling for a response from heaven! He was in more than what might be called great distress. He was desparate for help! “I can’t breathe!” I heard this was “training day!”

O’Lord! Is this what happens during training? Certainly on this date and this time it was “training.” Training how to subdue and kill suspects. Well, the problem is like this…we now know there is too much leniency of definition as to who is a suspect??? It’s just by word of mouth with no need to substantiate the cause. How disappointing and devastating. Perhaps, what I say is not new. But, it is new, because I’m saying it and you haven’t heard it from me. I was asked, “Where was God?” Well here’s the thing. Darnella, the seventeen-year-old was God’s angel right there. Who were the three men? Who was Mr. Chauvin? I will explain next week. God Almighty was watching, observing and filming. Yes, Jesus is a filmmaker and a producer. He captures everything through His divine eye. He has been watching all along, just waiting for man to correct himself. Well, man hasn’t corrected himself/herself. Consequently, God is saying, “Okay, if you can’t stop doing what you should stop doing, then I’m going to give you a three dimensional lesson. One of many lessons, the CORONAVIRUS; then the revealing of what’s been happening in the dark must be revealed in the light. There is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed…spoken in darkness..will come to light. Okay, if the CORONAVIRUS isn’t enough,” I’m sending a picture of yourself to you to see and determine what will you do? ? We all know, it is time overdue for “all people” who are unjustly attacked and killed to stop it!!Some people may seem surprised and look glaringly at what is happening. It all started hundreds of years ago, maybe thousands of years.

When I read years ago, huge thousands and thousands of acres of land have been set aside, restricting it from sale or use by Black people, it’s astounding!! That’s where reparation comes in. That’s where the 40 acres and a mule are. That’s what I have heard. You know what you hear repeatedly must have some significance. I will get back to you on this subject of “The Knee, The New Noose.”

Picture copyright Jeanette Parker 2019

Meantime, here is my prophetic drawing which I made in 1992 [Suddenly and Without Remedy] Please study it. You will see the employment famine that we are in right now. You will see, burning cars, houses and the fright occurring, the dismay. I will write more to you next time. I’ve got a lot to say and I want you to be the first to hear it. More to come.

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