“The Promise Made. The Promise Kept”

Promise? You promised! Do you promise? When will you do it? I’m waiting for you to keep your promise. If you make a promise to someone: your wife, your husband, your friend, your relative, your child/children, they want to know when will you keep that promise? When will you do what you said you were going to do? Sometimes promises are made and the person has no intent to keep their word. Who, above all others do you expect to keep their word and hold to their promise? For me, I say, the Lord first. But, I also want the persons who are closest to me to keep their promise. You know, people are faulty. They are sometimes inflexible and other times flexible. Some don’t understand the importance of keeping their word. Suppose you have appointments with someone and repeatedly the person is late. Suppose you have one of those internet dates and the person is late. Or even suppose the person comes dressed shabbily. Should you expect that this person is going to change miraculously and for the rest of that relationship? Very possibly “no.” Some would say “yes.” Promises are important statements. I have a piece of artwork for you to review and study, which I did in 1992. It’s called, (It is copyrighted) (all my artwork is copyrighted.) “Promises Kept.” When you study my artwork piece, see if you can discern what’s happening with this woman? You could see it better if its in color. Nevertheless, just do your best with it in black and white. The lady is singing, therefore, we presume she is happy and somebody has kept a promise to her. However, she is leaning over. Why? Has she had to wait considerably a length of time to experience the results of a promise kept? The woman has long hair. There are some hands reaching up and seemingly an animal at her throat. She also seems angry. This woman has not had an easy life. There are three hands of different sizes. You may use your own interpretation.

Promises Kept

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