“The Right Attitude Can Catapult You To Success!” Going Up?? Absolutely ‘YES!’ 2021 Belongs To Me! I Own It!

Yup! That’s the right attitude. Attitude, outlook, state of mind, mindset, bright perspective, without fear … these all promote your success going forward.

Here’s the thing. Your goal-plan may be for one year; however, take in your plan one day at a time. Why? Because Rome wasn’t built in a day (a saying) You can make change through the power of “the spoken word.” Know what you want. Listen to your thinking. Do you know what you are thinking? Focus. Pull out your imaginary vacuum cleaner every morning and sweep aside fear. Fear will only fog your mind, block your best thinking, keep you behind and in doubt. Make up your mind to “not fear!” Recognize fear when it comes, for its only goal is to STOP you and to torment you. It attempts to creep in every morning as soon as you wake up. It wastes no time. Anger is another way to assault your future and get you off track just like fear.  Kick those emotions to the curb! Capture those dark thoughts that will only take you down and take you in the wrong direction. Pray in accordance with your motives of accomplishment without plotting to crush others. That’s an unnecessary hindrance, which in the long run will only hurt you. Remember the old saying, “what goes around comes around.” Don’t even waste your time thinking angry, jealous thoughts against anyone! Those thoughts are self-defeating. (The Almighty has thoughts of hope and success for you). He is The Almighty God). In ancient times, He was also called “Adon,” ruler of the earth and all that happens in it. He watches all and watches over all. He is ruler of the earth. He is “The Conqueror.” We too are conquerors and overcomers! Be honest. Be trustworthy. People detect dishonesty. But also, there are those who seek to destroy honesty and substitute jealousy and other angry emotions which may have been harbored in their thoughts for years, not just against you, but against somebody somewhere in their lives and they have developed an anger management problem. Whatever and where ever they believed they have been wronged. It could be parents, friends, school, neighbor or whoever. We are overcomers and reject the snares and assaults of the adversary. Reject that. Help where you can, pray for them and keep moving on.

Inventory your thinking. ***What are you thinking about?  ***write your plan. meditate on it. ***The Direction of your life’s trajectory must be always up.  ***As you navigate during 2021, strategize ***I finished that today. Now, I can set out my plan of accomplishment for tomorrow.”  ***putting things off can lead to laziness and things never happening and you lose your train of thinking. ***do not procrastinate…putting off what you have to do. [Oh’ it can wait until tomorrow. Not A choice]  ***don’t bite off more than you can chew and rush yourself into expecting everything you want can happen overnight…most times, things just don’t happen that way. Develop the habit of thinking with clarity. Sort things out. Think things through without jumping to impulsive, quick decisions. Thanks for reading!

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