“The spirit of Pharaoh and Herod”

Some people don’t believe God exists. That’s not really true, because they see the sun, moon and stars and know there is the Creator. They deny His existence. Well, that’s not unusual. God is beyond full comprehension: He is omniscience, omnipresent, and sovereign. Because of these unfathomable attributes: able to see all, know all and judges in His own divine wisdom, that is hard for some to understand even a little bit about Him. Sometimes, He is simply disqualified and disregarded because many people go from day to day managing the best they can with their imagined godly idols. Here’s the thing. Why did I choose this title? As I was thinking on one of the most profound moral issues of this time [which I have mentioned before] these two ancient biblical characters came to mind. But, why? One of the most profound moral topics of this day is “life” or “no life.” Take a life or preserve a life. When I hear a person in a high political position state in essence, I’m paraphrasing, “I don’t know why the young people would even want to have children in the way this world is.” This is an ungodly statement, more than a “slip of the tongue.” It is more than a “slip of deep thoughts” This person has thought this through. Otherwise, why would she say it? Any words spoken, any acts committed must first be conceived in the mind through the thought processes. I spoke on this topic and referenced that man is beginning to eradicate and destroy himself. How very sad for us and our children and children’s children. That statement reveals [at least in my mind] this is a very selfish, unhappy person with “dark vision.” Why follow this kind of “dark” mindset? The good news is that, “there is light.” It’s just a matter who chooses to follow “light” and who chooses to follow “darkness.” The spirit of Pharaoh and Herod is running wild today. Why do I say this? Because, you will recall it was Pharaoh and Herod who sought to prevent the coming of the Messiah and Pharaoh is the one who first sought to destroy the Hebrews by working them to death. They were so numerous and feared that should war come, they would be outnumbered and lose the wars. He also took another angle with the same mission: seeking to destroy the Hebrews by commanding the midwives to kill the Hebrew babies as soon as they came out of the womb. The brave midwives refused to be a party to his vicious, insane scheme. Well, lastly, he sought to thwart the coming of the Messiah by openly killing all the Hebrew babies. Watch Almighty God! That didn’t work either! Moses was saved.

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