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I had the pleasure of delivering a message to Today’s Fresh Start Charter School [TFSCS] eighth grade graduating class. They took front-and-center at TFSCS’ state of the art Inglewood auditorium. Hundreds of excited parents, relatives and friends attended the memorable event to witness the occasion. Some graduates spent their entire school life through eighth grade at TFSCS, which provides a secure, safe rigorous learning environment. The graduates are successful in life and taught to finish college from transitional kindergarten through eighth grades. The mission: “To teach every child individually and personally to their personal best.” They are successful winners who return from high school and college to speak of their successes after graduating TFSCS. I spoke these words to the graduates and attendees…….

“To students of the 2017 Graduating Class, I say, your hardest work may be beginning. Questions to yourself are: “What do I need to do now? What did I not do? That will determine how much work I will need to do in High School and beyond. Did I listen to my teachers? Did I do my homework? What is my goal for my life? How can I make the most of my life? Did I learn the importance of being diligent in my work? By answering these questions, you will be guided for your future. It is important that you learn to finish tasks. It is important that you accomplish duties. My teachers and my mother taught me this very appropriate saying, “If at first a task begun, never leave it ‘til it’s done, be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all” a timely statement for now and timeless to use in your life. Develop a consciousness of how to carry out tasks and organize your work. Don’t be a procrastinator, waiting until the last minute to start and finish your work. Be a good listener. Take clear, understandable notes to read when class is finished. Start your work in time to gain a clear understanding of what the work is to be done. Ask questions. “To the parents of the 2017 Graduating Class I say, spend time with your young adult. Support your student in his/her vision for success. Just because he/she is going to ninth grade, your work is not finished. If you want the kind of outcome for your child’s life, you need to help direct it. Your child needs you. Don’t be afraid of your child. Tell him/her the truth from your perspective of what it will take for him/her to be successful in life. Although, you are your child’s friend; you must be a parent first and you will need to say parent things to him/her because you have experience from your own life which will help your child’s future success. Be consistent, not wishy washy.”

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