Walking in Authority

We want to influence positively. I thought of this titled article “BEFORE” recalling Donnie McClurkin’s song: “I’m walking in authority; Living life without apology; It’s not wrong, dear, I belong here; So you might as well get used to me..”  I have no idea what he was signing about, sounds like it’s something about marriage. I do know MY reasoning for this title. Hearing of two most televised funerals of today: Great celebrated song/artist (our favorite) Aretha Franklin and celebrated Senator John McCain; I chose to draw similarities between them; who travelled life’s road; endured the road blocks, conquered the attempts of enemies to destroy; challenges and obstacles, Aretha Franklin and Jon McCain do have this things in common. Shirley Caesar uttered striking words as she sang melodiously, “She did not die in disgrace..” worth paying attention to! We can readily recall great music and other geniuses have been cut down by drugs, alcohol, crime, sex scandals (after innumerable years of glorious celebrated-high profile lifestyles, “die in shame,” warped in human failure. How very remarkable! What does it take? “Walking In Authority?” Patience; when is distress and a waiting mode, when impatience wants to overwhelm you, remember “wait.:” If you are “called” to do what you are supposed to do, “pray.” The height of your calling won’t happen overnight. Be steadfast, always abounding in His work. That means staying in the chosen path for you; do not be covetous. “Walking in Authority” means knowing what to do and doing it. He doesn’t give you the full picture of what is to come: through a glass darkly… incrementally meeting goals. Watch what you are doing. Getting rest is good. Don’t fall under influence of pride, arrogance, bad judgment. Be discerning. Keep away from jealous, envious, bad advice givers. Some people just want to be around famous-wealthy people. Not every person who is around you gives the most advisable thing to do. They may seriously think they know and can be convincing! Listen to “the voice” of supreme wisdom, knowing the precise and exact way to go right and left. Be quiet to listen for divine guidance. “Walking in Authority,” means stubbornness to not give in to bad advice; tenacity; integrity; self-control; practice-to know your skill; sometimes sleepless night; hard work; discipline, caring for others and the plight of others; keeping your head screwed on right. Not getting the “big head.” That’s what I call it; conceit, self-aggrandizing. Disqualify from gloating (bragging, talking about yourself) [Wiktionary: the big head: flattering someone excessively; to overpraise someone, being responsible for giving someone “the big head; with the expectation that the person will become overly proud or conceited.] Some people can’t stand success to live wisely as their gifts and talents grow. The fall of the “Big headed” is hard – head may burst and career explosion!

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