What!?! Are you still mad about that??!!

I’m convinced. Cold, frozen anger can make you physically sick. The physical sickness can become a manifestation and personification of inward anger. And, you become unhappy. It’s that same old tape recording in your head playing something that happened months and years ago. You’re the only one suffering. The other person has gone on about their business. You’re left behind… angry…unhappy and possibly sick, too. You start to do something… it pops into your head talking to you, “Remember when he said that the water wasn’t boiled hot enough?” or some insignificant something. Some people just like to complain. It satisfies them to see your angry response.

If your significant other is angry, he/she wants you to be angry too. Misery loves company. Don’t get caught up into it. Don’t feed into their angry outbursts. Be Happy! Go take a walk outside! I guarantee; if you walk every day, you’ll feel healthier. Walking outdoors is healing. Take 10 minutes walks or long 5 mile walks. Your blood pressure goes way down. So, when the person walks into the room with an angry look, what do you do? Start singing a sweet song inside of you. Speak soft, understanding words. Remember, “A soft answer turns away anger.” Diminish its value. Speak tactfully. Anger just doesn’t go away without you doing something. If you think angry thoughts, there’s the opportunity for anger to take root, grow and become personified in actions. You become disgruntled and unpleasant. Be sober and stable minded. Control your temper. Take deep breaths. Only you can be responsible for your own self. Never give up!

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