What Is/Was Your Destiny?? Part 1

Now is time to think about “New Year’s Resolutions.” I made one a few years ago…short and simple. I kept it. This is it: When someone asked me how I was doing, I used to say, “Oh’ I’m doing okay.” I resolved to say, “’I’m doing well’.” Our state of mind helps us make it through. You can say, “I’m looking up, never down.” We finished that tidbit, let’s get to the serious stuff. Have you fulfilled your destiny? Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you doing what you thought you should have been doing? Are you doing what you want to do? Many people are NOT doing what they thought they should be doing or what they want to be doing…. The question is “Why?” And

“What can you do about it?” Here is a short account about an ancient historical character. This person had everything going for him.

He was appointed to the highest political office there was, “King,” transitioning from theocracy to monarchy. How did he get there?

The people wanted a King, like other people had. His divinely appointed advisor counseled the people against having a king over them.

They wouldn’t listen to Godly advice! Even after being given all the details of how this new government would be and how they and their generations following of what it would be like…he told them that their children and families would be servants and treated badly.

They would not have power; left powerless. This appointed “King,” who was tall, dark, and handsome had everything going for him. He didn’t have to campaign and had no immediate opposition. He proved to work out at first. He became conceited, got “the big head,” became arrogant and boastful and decided he knew what to do better than his divinely appointed advisor or God Himself. The advisor gave him guidance straight from God. The King decided to go over his head and by doing so went over God’s head too. By following his own mind and the people’s desire, he began to lose wars, wanted to kill his own son, attempted numerous times to kill the succeeding “King,” but never successful. He would lie, cheat, steal, wouldn’t keep his word and in this spiritual decline of bad decision making was in actuality turning on himself. Finally, the prophet who gave him excellent advice, died. The King became desperate. Whatever he touched, it failed. His decision making became so awed. … Although, God had allowed him to be appointed to the Kingship, God was sadly disappointed in his deliberate disobedience to Him and what He had planned for him. The King was stubborn and began to only listen to the people. What do we say to these things, “Never Give Up!”

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