Who Among You…..???

I ‘m sure you’ve heard it before, “Who among you is free of wrongdoing….. let that person cast the first stone.” Truth. With all the mudslinging going on about wild words, statements, accusations, LGBT, sexual identity, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual and whoever, whatever, we might be better o (in my humble opinion…maybe not so humble) if we think on this… Who (???) among us is free of doing wrong? Who? Yeah, that’s true you think some people do far more wrong than you do or you think their wrong is worse than your wrong. Who among us is better than anyone else? So, you say, “I never did this or that! During this Presidential race, more stuff has been brought out. We have to and need to problem solve. Not everything is cut and dry, black and white. There are gray areas. But, who among us has not said things we should not have said and regret it later and wish we could take it back? Who among us has done things that we should not have done and regret it later? Who? Who? We’d just maybe oughta be glad that HE died for us. We couldn’t do it ourselves! We couldn’t die and make ourselves right. Thank God for mercy that somewhere in our “mess” by Divine deliverance that we got up out of our muck and mire and can stand up straight and can shout “Hallelulah!”

Whatever status you have reached in life by education or position, it doesn’t matter what kind of degree you have or how high you have gotten up to be. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. It doesn’t matter how cute you are. It doesn’t matter what race you are, white, Brown, Black, Asian, American Indian or other. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like, kinky, straight, curly or whatever. Look beneath the surface. We are all of one blood with one origin. Look not at the outward appearance. Look within the heart. In order to help people, look not any longer at the flesh, the outward appearance. It will not get you anywhere. Consider that if there is someone who can gain the power to help many in volumes, and I mean really expand help to those who really need help. People who have reached status in life have discovered how to do and what to do. The persons I’m speaking of are our brothers and sisters who strive day and night and want to achieve more and need some help. But, it takes power and authority to help our people; those who are not on TV or who have their own businesses and who have their jobs. What about the many, many people who have not been fortunate enough to pull up. Why rail on someone who seemingly has a new way, a new idea, or a new perspective and seemingly able to give more opportunity to those who have NOT been able to get up. Some of this negative stuff needs to stop and think beyond ourselves and think about some other people who need help. We cannot give all of them help in masses. Not enough has been happening for enough of “us” with all the hidden gifts and talents that “we” have; but only a percentage have been able to “get up.” Think on it: “only a small percentage.” There are so many more of “us” yelling and pleading in their own way “Help me! Help me!” And when there appears an opportunity which comes where someone gives a picture a new twist, the outcry comes from those who have already reached “levels of achievement” and ridicule, words of condemnation, calling names, ostracize and block the way for many who have not had the same opportunities to “get up.

I would like to address some space to a letter from a legislator written to the church. Here is the thing. Now, we know the church cannot beat up on legislators who have their jobs to perform. We also know there are some who have crept into the church who do not have pure motives. And we know we are in the world. We are to watch out for those who have crept into the church with intentions that are not admirable. There is a process which we must respect in a civil society when we address our lawmakers. We know that there are many, many regulations requiring us to do so many things. Obviously, we as the voting and supporting constituency can object to regulations prior to the regulations being passed. We have that right to do so. But, it is not “the way” of the church to bully and intimidate legislators and other people who we consider to be “out of the way.” As a matter of fact, it is illegal and can bring legal recriminations and repercussions. We know we are to bring people into “the fold,” gently and persuasively with love, not forcefully or using unacceptable words and language. Love should “rule” in our hearts. Love must be the “empire” in our hearts. We “put o ” anger and hostility and “put on” “charity” and a “renewed mind.” Recently, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is seeking to put a moratorium on charter schools across the nation. Who?? What?? Why?? Who came up with this? The NAACP has done great work in the past and I have supported them. But now, where is the reward for the children in this measure and endeavor? Our children have been languishing for decades, trapped, enslaved by and in a stagnant “system” and not learning. But, too many (not all) traditional public schools with the population of black and brown children have been neglected. Many of our children’s dreams have been killed. Parents were waiting for an outlet to another education to be offered them. While waiting, many children gave up. High performing charter schools have helped bring freedom and hope for these children. Why would they want to strangle our children again?! I don’t get it. Why would the educational progress in our children’s lives be stifled and interrupted again? Where was the NAACP? Where were you sleeping and slumbering when our children have been starving and perishing from inadequate education? Parents of children in the inner cities have a right to choose for their children to get a better or a different education, but one of their choosing. The intelligence of parents of socioeconomically disadvantaged children has been underestimated. Parents know when their children have not be educated well. So, they made a decision to move their children to charter schools……

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