You Got The Power!!

Every day brings fresh challenges; some are similar to previous challenges. Somehow, they take on a new identity. Where does that leave us? What do we do? Well, here’s the answer! Take ona new attitude! Refresh yourself! Put on fresh make-up (so to speak), a new cologne, some fresh perfume. Wipe away the anxiety. Stop worrying. Blink your eyes and re-focus your thoughts toward whipping up your mental and physical strength to ATTACK the problem with fresh ideas and fresh approaches. Develop some new mental strategies. If the old way of thinking hasn’t solved the problem, start thinking another way. Stop. Sit down. Re-think. Slow down a minute. Sweep away the foggy clouds of doubt. Get a new perspective. Re-group! Search for alternative solutions to any problems.

This week Today’s Fresh Start Charter School opened our new state of the art $20,000,000 gym auditorium at our Inglewood campus. Our graduating eighth grade class was more than elated and the first to use it. One eighth grader said, “Dr. Parker, you wasted $20,000,000 on us?” I said, “There is nothing too good for you.” The Construction Company of this great facility is Dr. Clark’s, my husband. We will hold a grand openingsoon. TFSCS also held our Annual Year End Programs for transitional kindergarten through eighth grades with an attendance of over 1200 parents and friends. One of our students said to me (there are many who talk to me); “Hi, Dr. Parker.” I said, “Hi, how are you today?” (SometimesI’ll say, Hi, little pretty girl or Hi, handsome young man.”). She said, “You know, Dr. Parker.” I said, “What’s on your mind?” “When we have problems, we have to find solutions to them.” I said, “You are absolutely correct. And if you remember that your life will be a lot easier. You’re wonderful! Keep up the good work, young lady.” This child was a 3rd grader. Here’s the message. We’ve got it! We’ve got power! Don’t let it go and don’t let someone steal it from you.

Some circumstances which arise are easier than others; but we can do it! We have this great, supernatural, extraordinary, stupendous, prodigious, tremendous, beyond personal understanding, magnanimous capacity and potential to live every day to the fullest and solveproblems! Isn’t that good news! Now that doesn’t mean every day we can “live it up!” andbe carefree and happy go lucky. We can travel through every day victoriously and overcome the toughest situations. We are constantly rebuilding and re-energizing ourselves. We have power and authority over all the adversity. We’re overcomers! [Bring the hearts of parents back to the children. Fathers are needed!

Jeanette Grattan Parker Ph. D-Founder-Superintendent Todays Fresh Start Charter School (323)293-9826 4514 Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043: Weekly Columnist for LA Sentinel News & LA South Chamber of Commerce articles copyright June 29, 2016 all rights reserved©” Inquiring Minds Want To Know” ©website “©The Father Famine” “Ask Dr. Jeanette”™

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